Cartons -

We hold a large range of cartons to suit most wine bottles. We carry stocks of generic 6 & 12 bottle cartons to suit either 375ml, 750ml & 1.5L bottle sizes.

We can have cartons custom made to suit your needs whether it be wine packaging or general packaging.

We also offer a printing option for most cartons including flexographic print,Lithographic print & our High Quality Post Print (HQPP).

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Basic Flexo

Custom printed boxes Eco friendly option

# the simplest form of printing on a box, consisting basically of a ‘rubber stamp’ style print applied directly to the cardboard on a brown or white paper liner using waterbased inks. Although 3 colour print is available, the style is best suited to the more basic 1 & 2 colour work where close registration & all over print are not necessary. Available colours are also somewhat restricted, so PMS colour matching is not available. Quantities as low as 500 – 1000 are possible in this format. Preparation costs start at $495 for a basic 1 colour job. Turnaround time is 2 - 3 weeks from artwork approval.


Zilzie Wines wine cartons Eco friendly option

# this is a big step up from basic flexo, & although it is also printed directly onto the cardboard (post printed), the quality of the print is vastly superior in comparison. Up to 7 colours (with full PMS colour matching) + a basic varnish is available, & inks are again waterbased ie. environmentally friendly. Close registration & all over print is not a problem in this format (even basic 4 colour process work is possible), & the print liner can be varied to give a matt or gloss finish. The majority of our clients utilize a coated white outside liner to achieve the glossy look, & jobs are usually fully diecut so a very neat finish is achieved. Preferred minimum quantities for this format are 3000 for a 12pk wine carton & 5000 for a 6pk. Preparation costs for a typical 3 colour print start at around $1400. Turnaround time is 6 - 7 weeks from artwork approval.


Litho cartons - high quality printing
# this process involves the preprinting of a sheet of paper & then laminating that sheet onto ‘singleface’ to make up the completed cardboard. Up to 7 colours (including metallic inks) again with full PMS colour matching + varnish (aqueous, matt UV or gloss UV) is available. Inks are ‘oil based’ hence not as environmentally friendly as the flexo format. This style offers the most accurate printing with picture perfect representation, however there are few jobs produced that cannot utilize the above HQPP more economically & with at least 90% of the litho print quality. In fact there are a number of jobs we’ve produced where experts in the field have not been able to pick our HQPP from litho. It obviously does have its place in our line-up of product offerings, however we tend to be able to offer better ‘value for money’ with the HQPP. Preferred quantities for litho start at the 5000 mark, but best value is achieved with much larger runs. Preparation costs are usually slightly cheaper than the HQPP, but the higher unit cost, particularly at the smaller end of the quantity scale, usually makes the HQPP the better value for money. Turnaround time for litho is 5 - 6 weeks from artwork approval.


6pk printed wine boxes
Tyrrells OW Flexo carton

Full colour printed boxes
Vinekeeper SSB HQPP carton

12pk custom printed cartons
Zema Estate HQPP carton

Custom printed litho cartons
Sirromet Wines Red Litho

6pk lithographic printed boxes
Sirromet Wines green litho

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